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Marija Jevtić Dajić

Art, concepts, science


In the early years of her professional work, Marija Jevtić Dajić reconstructed the works of Kandinsky, Maljević, and Picasso, rendering them through symbols reproduced on fabrics and draperies.

In her further research of the visual arts, she has explored the permeation of the real world and the “other world” through the symbols of Byzantium.

With time, she has dived deeper into the same themes but using different mediums: performance art, happening and body art.

In the past year, shehas stepped into the new field of reinterpretation of the classical art in digital format and the problems caused by the rising tendency of the 21st century to combine things that don’t belong together.

About me

Marija Jevtić Dajić was born in 1990 in Western Serbia, on the banks of Drina river. This locality is widely known as the meeting point of the two empires, Byzantium and Rome, whose artistic legacy sparkled her interest in paining from an early age. In Arts High School, she revealed her great talent for painting and deep understanding of the principles of Byzantine art. Interlacing the Byzantine and the modern art in her works earned her the award for the best student of her generation and her teachers strongly advised her to pursue a degree in painting. She continued her education at the Academy of Arts with a major in painting, in North Serbia, in Novi Sad - once the capital of a Southern Hapsburg province and now the European Capital of Culture 2022. She further developed her work under the influence of her professors who cherished Austro-Hungarian and modern art and she completed her studies as the best student of her generation. In 2013 she started Master’s studies and in 2015 she obtained her Master’s degree in Painting, once more as the best student of her generation.

Following her artistic explorations and her desire for more knowledge, in 2016 she enrolled at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana, at the department of graphic design, where she obtained her PhD. Thanks to her outstanding GPA, her dedication and her artistic achievements, she was awarded a scholarship by the Republic of Slovenia. She completed her doctoral thesis using the knowledge of both graphic design and painting and thus developing paintings for the blind. Ever since then, she has been creating these pieces combining both digital and manual work. In 2019 she has started her second doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Novi Sad, department of stage design. Her interests have broaden to include the social dimension of art, stage contemplations, as well as experience and event interpretation in another sphere of art, namely performing arts. Since 2013 she has exhibited her works in 35 solo exhibitions and more than 300 group exhibitions and has received 10 awards. In 2020 Art Lamda was created and in 2021 she has started an atelier in Vallauris, in the South of France.


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