The concept of work - AUTISM 


Biological developmental disorder of the brain is a global developmental disorder that affects all mental functions and lasts a lifetime. Autism as such is not known to me, but working with children who have autism is.

The point of my current work is to identify, change positions and explore potential autism in everyday people and artists. In working on this project, I use the idea of life and art. Synthesis of life and art, based on the attitude that art and life (human existence, culture, morality, ideology) can be constantly connected into qualitatively new wholes.The meaning of the slogan or the idea of connecting art and life indicates that art ceases to be the production of works of art and becomes a life activity of changing the world or changing artists. (Food management, sexual customs, organization of social communities, politics) stems from the state that life can be organized and created according to aesthetic and artistic principles.This paper is based on research into theexistence of autistic individuals and artists. Through this project, as anartist, I try to change the angle of view of autism with a tendency to pointout that each of us possesses a certain amount of autistic behavior.

Through the performance, I also want to point out that autism can be accepted as an everyday pattern of behavior. 


At the same time, I will be an autisticchild (man) and an artist. The work will be a kind of self-therapy,re-examination and drawing conclusions. The point of the work will be a steptowards the possibility that the artist is equal to an autistic child (human).

The first question I will ask an autistic person is: Who are you?After I get the answer or not, we willswitch positions.

The conversation will be largely anon-verbal dialogue - with body movements I will answer the questions asked inboth cases.The second question will be: What are youdoing here?

The third will be: when?Fourth: how?Fifth: what?And finally: why?

The stage will be set as an ambience thatis natural with all the table, chairs, I will be in white clothes, I will movemostly with repetitive movements


According to Greek mythology, Pandora's box was a box of all evils, which according to legend Zeus sent to Prometheus as punishment for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to people. Fire is a work of art, artists are gods, Pandora are citizens, and Pandora’s box is politics in this context. I identify this with the urban environment and its citizens, to whom politics largely dictates life and movement. Politics (In this case, politicians invest in art with the desire to send a certain political image, ie a message to the public), who destroyed their state of consciousness natural course of progress and arrangement, they departed from human values, lowered their consciousness to a low level and thus made their environment an unfavorable place for the life and development of art.
Connecting the myth with the real situation and life - curiosity, which Hera endowed Pandora, prevailed in her, and she opened the vessel, and out of it came all the evils of the world, so citizens (people) are provoked and manipulated to participate in conspiracies and their need to completely rule over everyone and even over the arts, artists are the ones who are not manipulated - they fight and give hope to their advanced ideas, actions and attitudes. Artists are trying to stop the destruction of humanity, which has been suffocated and there is no air, that is, true values and meaning have been lost, so the citizens have been left without prosperity, but they are left with hope in artists and art.
Action-performance is a response to the current state of art and society in the modern world. Artists are currently suffocated and on their "heads" are boxes filled with sedimentation of society and political circumstances.



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